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Artificial Vertical Garden 3m x 2m Artificial Vertical Garden 3m x 2m - SGD$1,680.00
SGD168 per Square Meter come with support SGD168 per Square Meter come with support - SGD$168.00
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Hari Raya Hamper HL041

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Hari Raya Hamper HL041
Price: SGD$149.00
Code: HL041


Hari Raya Hamper HL041
Hari Raya Hampers Delivery ( 10 items )<br>
1) Arizona Iced Tea Pet Bottle Drink 500ml From America, (4 difference Flavours) No Artificial Preservatives, No Artificial Color, Only With Natural Flavour.<br>
2) Vanhouten Almond  Milk chocolate 180g<br>
3) Daiana milk choco 180g<br>
4) Daiana Coffee Break 100g<br>
5) Peanut Cookies 56g<br>
6) Kuih Bangkit 63g<br>
7) Coco ball 75g<br>
8) BONZ Crunchy Taro cookies 70g<br>
9) Potato chips 100g<br>
10) Strawberry cookies w strawberry filling<br>
Due to inconsistent market conditions, we might replace any items with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability without prior notice.
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