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Halal Hamper HL043

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Halal Hamper HL043
Price: SGD$138.00
Code: HL043


Halal Hamper HL043
Halal Islamic Hamper Delivery:<br>
1) Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Blue cocktail 750ml<br>
2) Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Pink cocktail 750ml<br>
3) Abbus chocolate Coated Cookies 50g<br>
4) Van Houten Assortment chocolate 180g<br>
5) B'mor Coconut Crunch Oat Cookies  100g<br>
6) Emping Belinjo Aceh  150g<br>
7) Penang White Coffee/Durian White Coffee 38gx2/ 40gx2<br>
8) Miaow Prawn Crackers  40g<br>
9) Empico Assorted Chocolate  30g x 4pcs<br>
Due to inconsistent market conditions, we might replace any items with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability without prior notice.
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