Best Ramadan Gifts in Singapore – Halal Hampers

Coming is the holy month of Ramzan which celebrated with utmost respect among the Muslims across the globe. This is not just a holy month that teaches the human values, but also a month where you share your brotherhood, human values etc., and celebrate with great joy at the end of the holy month – the day of Ramdan.

Ramadan gifts in Singapore

Keeping in mind the importance and advance planning – the Florist Singapore brings you a wide range of collection – the Halal Baskets and Ramdan Gifts in Singapore. This gives you an idea of what special halal hampers to send to your family and friends during this holy month. We also have a perfect choice of halal hampers that are rightly suitable to gift someone for a treat after breaking the fast in the evening.

Start planning your gifts and hampers in advance- Happy Ramdan in advance.

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I’m Sorry flowers | Apology flowers

Saying sorry is not embarrassing situation but it’s a situation that makes your love stronger than ever! We all commit mistakes, and so we realize that we owe someone a sorry. If that someone is a ‘special someone’ the sorry needs more expression, concern and love.

Hence, you need impressive gifts and flowers to offer your special someone. After all, it’s only the flowers that speak your feelings with a personal touch. Florist Singapore – one of the best Florists in Singapore offers special “I’m sorry Flowers” otherwise called as the Apology flowers.

I’m sorry flowers: To say sorry, it’s universally accepted that the Yellow, White and Ivy are the best choice among all the other flowers. Hence, at Florist Singapore, we make the ‘sorry flowers’ with these popular “I’m sorry colors”. Just check out a few apology flowers that you can quickly order and avail a free and same day delivery* or you may ask a few modification up to your convenience and availability to meet the exact expression in your mind.

Florists in Singapore

To make it more special, add a personal note and send it in a bottle – “message in a bottle” to say sorry?

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Florist in Singapore | Making Sunflower Hand Bouquet

Hey there..! we know you love sunflowers. Now, give more reasons to love them, and give more reasons to buy Sun Flowers in Singapore and Florist Singapore.

Sunflowers, originated in America thousands of years ago, and spread to almost all parts of the world is a very special flower with vibrant characteristics. They are a symbol of Sustenance & Surprise and loyalty. With many positive characteristics people mostly buy sunflowers to speak a meaning of energy, or just a celebration.

florist in singaporeFlorists in Singapore

With the sense of brightness and warmth that sunflowers naturally impart, they have also become an ideal choice for sending sentiments of cheerfulness & Get well messages.

Best suitable as get well soon flowers, congratulations flowers, happiness flowers etc.,

What’s stopping you to order Exciting Sunflowers in Singapore? You are just a click away from here to reach the best Florist in

For you to discover how carefully we make your bouquets, here is a making video..

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Live orchids in Singapore | Buy Orchids in Singapore

Available in almost all the parts of world, the family of Orchids consists of many variations in terms of their color, fragrance, shape and structure. The beauty of almost all the orchid flowers double with the unique and impressive shape of the leaves that often grow side-by-side of the flowers. In fact, the leaves of the orchids in a few varieties look just like the flowers!

While orchid flowers are preferred for almost any occasion, here are some of the meanings of Orchid flowers mainly based on its characteristics!

    buy live orchids in singapore      orchids in singapore

Get well soon Flowers: Various cultures throughout the history have believed in the healing, disease-fighting and protective properties of the orchid. In traditional Chinese and the ancient Greeks used orchids as a medicinal plant for various healing process! Hence, this is a very good offering to your special someone if you want to wish them “Get well Soon”.

Love, Luxury & Strength Flowers: Orchids also are a good choice to express love & Strength.  Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, the baby would be a boy. If the mother ate small orchid tubers, she would give birth to a girl.

Birthday Flowers: Pink, Red, Lavender etc., are the regular and standard preference of anyone for the birthday parties. As a decoration or as offering to someone! The specialty of Orchids is that these flowers are available in various colors which make them suitable for almost any occasion.

Live Orchids for home – a pleasant ambiance: A live orchid at home brings you a pleasant and cool ambiance that you never enjoyed before. White flowers, Lavender flowers or pink… choice is yours, but the fresh fragrance and the unique beauty of the flowers will add colors to your family @ house or friends and colleagues at office.

Well, there is really a “BIG LIST” of occasions that you can offer & Prefer orchids for. Check out here, to buy orchids in Singapore – to Buy Live Orchid plants in Singapore.

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Buy Baby Gifts online in Singapore

You’ve been invited to a baby shower or might be you are missing to attend one, but you surely want to send them a gift / take a gift along with you? Choosing a gift is a tough task when you want to impress someone and want to gift something which is actually worth and used by the recipient. Especially when you gift something to Babies, and new Born, the first priority will be the one that is ‘actually used’ by the parents / useful to the babies.

If you have a serious intention of sending a gift that really makes sense, and really will be useful, you are at the right place, and just a click away from here. At Florist Singapore, we know what gifts for the Babies make sense (and what do not).

Here are some quick gifts that are available at Florist Singapore, one of the oldest Florists in Singapore

Baby PlayGym: the most effective gifts for the growing kids (best suitable for kids below 1.5 years) that will enable a great exercise for the kids, give them great fun and learning!

baby gifts in singaporebaby stroller in singapore

Baby Carriers / Baby Car Seat / Baby Strollers: The baby carrier is a very useful item for the parents especially who take their children out for a walk or a ride. Made with care, best suitable material that suits the sensitive skin of the kids, the baby carriers are very safe to use.

Baby Walker: It is a very good choice to buy Baby Walker if you are gifting a baby over the age of 7 months; because that’s the age the kids will start trying to move.

buy baby accessories online                   baby toys online in singapore                   new born baby gifts in singapore

Baby Chairs and more….

Check out more about Baby Gifts in Florist Singapore, the best place to buy flowers in Singapore.

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Birth Month Flowers | Buy Birthday Flowers in Singapore

Do you know that every month has birth flowers? Isn’t it cool?

Yes, you read it right…. Every month has a special birth month flowers just like some traditions has birth month stones, birth month sun/moon shines. So, stop getting confused about choosing the flowers and start picking the combinations according to the Birth Month Flowers listed below… which are a lot easier to give to that special someone!

Let us answer some important and frequently answers questions in regards to sending flower of birth month. We are asked this questions by the people who send flowers in Singapore  / send flowers to Singapore from abroad.

1)      The birth month flowers are really cool, but can I add my choice of flowers to those birth month flowers?

Of course YES… we are named as best florist in Singapore because we always value our customers and their thoughts / custom designs.

2)      Can I add my personal messages / additional chocolates or cakes to the flowers bouquets?

Yes, you may check our “add-on’s” sections to check what else you can add.

3)      Does the person I’m sending these flowers to know why did I choose these flowers for him/her?

Why not you add your special note and write to them as to why have you chosen these flowers? As mentioned, we send a special note along with the hampers/flowers. You just express your feelings!

Birth month flowers list:

January’s birth flower, the carnation, comes in several different colors to convey different meanings, much like roses.

February Birth flower is violet (IRIS like flowers)

MARCH: DAFFODIL              APRIL: Daisy            MAY: Lily

JUNE: Rose                           JULY: Delphinium

AUGUST: Gladiola           SEPTEMBER: Aster

OCTOBER: Marigold       NOVEMBER: Chrysanthemum

DECEMBER: POINSETTIA  (Also known as the Christmas flower)

All the above stated flowers may not be available in the form of flower bouquets.

However, you may choose the color of those flowers for sending Birthday Flowers in the Birthday Month flowers theme… or just call us to buy birthday flowers in singapore

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Make this Valentines Day More Expressive

Few more days… to express your inherent feelings to your special someone.
Few more days… to let your special person know how much do you love them..
Few more days… for the Valentines Day in 2014…!!

Make this Valentines day a very special and memorable day with the unique way of expressing your feelings… Message in a Bottle or more valentines day gift ideas!

valentines day gifts valentines day gifts

Do you know, you can add flowers and special gifts to these message in a bottle gifts. That may make your gifts and expressions more impressive and thrilling.

What more you want? Have any special additions to this gifts? Contact now and let the professional team understand your specific requirements and ideas.

Let us be a part of your special day… Happy Valentines Day 🙂

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Joy Of Gifting – Christmas Gifts in Singapore

Free Home delivery, Unique & Custom Christmas Hampers, New Christmas Gift Ideas – what else do you want to book your Christmas Gift now? Grab the pre-designed exciting Christmas gift hampers!!

Best Singapore Florist

Florist in singapore

If you have any Christmas Gift Ideas, please don’t hesitate to call us. Our expert team of Florists in Singapore is always available to assist you, value your ideas and custom gifts only for you!

Christmas Hampers and Christmas Flowers are waiting for you!!

Contact Florist Singapore – the best Florist in Singapore click here.

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Buy Diwali Gifts online | Deepavali Gifts online Singapore

Deepavali or Diwali is a very very special and important festivals of the Indian / Hindu culture. On this eve, provides special Diwali Hampers that attracts your entire family and friends. A perfect combination of fruits, flowers, gifts, wine, chocolates are added which creates a party time mood.

This wonderful and special festival hampers are a best choice to send to your friends and family living in Singapore. You may order us from anywhere & we deliver it to your loved ones living in Singapore. Surprise them!

You may also call the expert team and discuss with them, and custom your hampers! Add items of your choice that may more impress your friends..

What’s still stopping you? order now… the exciting Diwali Hampers in Singapore

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Buy Valentine’s Day special and amazing Flowers & Gifts | Cheap

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world with great happiness on the 14th of February every year. This is a memorable day for almost every person who is in love, or wants to express their love. Flowers, chocolates, heart shaped gifts, teddy bears saying “Love me” or “I love you” are the most preferred on this day. Valentine’s day is not only celebrated by the young lovers, but also by the couple living together since years, married couple, etc.,

On Valentine’s Day, most of the gifts and flowers become very expensive. Specially, the Red-roses and all red-colored flowers. We’ve also seen Valentine’s Day in the past where people had scarcity of cupid hampers, ‘love me’ gifts, etc., resulted in increase of prices along with the red roses. Hence, we’ve taken utmost care and are ready to serve our valued customers with variety of gifts, flowers, hampers for this Valentine’s Day at affordable and reasonable prices.

You may wish to contact us for Expert’s assistance on the wide range of available flowers and gifts. We have many options, designed just for your personal needs and which helps to express your feelings to your love interest.

You may want to check out our special “Valentines Day Gifts” & Valentines day flowers pages to know what are the various gifts available and what best wins the heart of your love interest! Buy Valentines Day gifts and on our special offer page and get ready for the memorable Valentine’s day.

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