Valentines day gift Ideas in Singapore

What have you planned for this Valentines day? not yet decided? If you did not think of it yet, just take a breath! We did it for you and have designed some exciting offers, hampers, flowers and gifts that could surely impress your loved ones and the day is remembered forever.

Let us tell you about this exciting and unique gift which is specially made targeting the women. Yes, it is the best gift for your girl friend / love interest. It’s the Butterfly in a Glass Jar we are talking about!

Almost every women loves the nature, thus the butterflies. However, you may not be able to gift her a real butterfly, but you can certainly giver her an electronic butterfly that just appears to be real and responds to her claps. The butterfly is kept in a jar and it always represent you in her room or office. Isn’t it exciting?

             valentines day gifts in singapore

Singapore Electronic Butterfly in Glass Jar & 3 Mixed Roses Standing Bouquet: Simply tap the jar in different patterns to activate the butterfly’s realistic actions :
– Looks just like a real Butterfly (only one per jar)
– Responds to taps on the jar
– 3 AAA Battery included
– Dimensions: 8 cmx 16 cm Height
– Butterfly will flutter and move for approximately 90 seconds
– Batteries have automatic standby, so no need for a on/off power button Real Glass Jar, NOT Plastic!

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