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You’ve been invited to a baby shower or might be you are missing to attend one, but you surely want to send them a gift / take a gift along with you? Choosing a gift is a tough task when you want to impress someone and want to gift something which is actually worth and used by the recipient. Especially when you gift something to Babies, and new Born, the first priority will be the one that is ‘actually used’ by the parents / useful to the babies.

If you have a serious intention of sending a gift that really makes sense, and really will be useful, you are at the right place, and just a click away from here. At Florist Singapore, we know what gifts for the Babies make sense (and what do not).

Here are some quick gifts that are available at Florist Singapore, one of the oldest Florists in Singapore

Baby PlayGym: the most effective gifts for the growing kids (best suitable for kids below 1.5 years) that will enable a great exercise for the kids, give them great fun and learning!

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Baby Carriers / Baby Car Seat / Baby Strollers: The baby carrier is a very useful item for the parents especially who take their children out for a walk or a ride. Made with care, best suitable material that suits the sensitive skin of the kids, the baby carriers are very safe to use.

Baby Walker: It is a very good choice to buy Baby Walker if you are gifting a baby over the age of 7 months; because that’s the age the kids will start trying to move.

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Baby Chairs and more….

Check out more about Baby Gifts in Florist Singapore, the best place to buy flowers in Singapore.

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