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Do you know that every month has birth flowers? Isn’t it cool?

Yes, you read it right…. Every month has a special birth month flowers just like some traditions has birth month stones, birth month sun/moon shines. So, stop getting confused about choosing the flowers and start picking the combinations according to the Birth Month Flowers listed below… which are a lot easier to give to that special someone!

Let us answer some important and frequently answers questions in regards to sending flower of birth month. We are asked this questions by the people who send flowers in Singapore  / send flowers to Singapore from abroad.

1)      The birth month flowers are really cool, but can I add my choice of flowers to those birth month flowers?

Of course YES… we are named as best florist in Singapore because we always value our customers and their thoughts / custom designs.

2)      Can I add my personal messages / additional chocolates or cakes to the flowers bouquets?

Yes, you may check our “add-on’s” sections to check what else you can add.

3)      Does the person I’m sending these flowers to know why did I choose these flowers for him/her?

Why not you add your special note and write to them as to why have you chosen these flowers? As mentioned, we send a special note along with the hampers/flowers. You just express your feelings!

Birth month flowers list:

January’s birth flower, the carnation, comes in several different colors to convey different meanings, much like roses.

February Birth flower is violet (IRIS like flowers)

MARCH: DAFFODIL              APRIL: Daisy            MAY: Lily

JUNE: Rose                           JULY: Delphinium

AUGUST: Gladiola           SEPTEMBER: Aster

OCTOBER: Marigold       NOVEMBER: Chrysanthemum

DECEMBER: POINSETTIA  (Also known as the Christmas flower)

All the above stated flowers may not be available in the form of flower bouquets.

However, you may choose the color of those flowers for sending Birthday Flowers in the Birthday Month flowers theme… or just call us to buy birthday flowers in singapore

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