Flowers For Wedding Bouquets

Tips For Choosing Special Flowers For Wedding Bouquets

Flowers For Wedding Bouquets Popular Choices

Every bride deserves a flower. She may wear the simplest of dresses or the most elaborate of gowns, but there’s one thing that she must have on her special day: a wedding bouquet. Flowers make a wedding complete. They complement the bride’s gown, enhance the decorations of the venue, and soften the tone of the event. Flowers For Wedding Bouquets hold a more special place, though, since they are held by the bride.

Brides normally choose the type of flower for her bouquet according to its popularity, and the color according to the wedding theme. Roses are the most popular flower as they are mostly associated with love, beauty, and passion. They also go well with almost all motifs. Tulips are also popular, although they are a bit more on the expensive side in warm climate countries like Singapore since they are heat-sensitive.

With their long, willowy form, calla lilies add elegance to bouquets. Their distinctive shape also gives texture to the design, although brides would have to settle for white hue for this type. Other popular choices include orchids, mums, and lilies.

Special Flowers For Wedding Bouquets

For some brides, their bouquets are replicas of their mother’s or grandmother’s wedding flowers. This simple homage to their elders’ memory makes the flowers more meaningful for them. Others use flowers that have special meaning to them, such as the flowers their groom gave them during their first date.

There are also those who get their ideas from TV shows, films, and magazines, while others prefer to design their own bouquet. These flowers may not hold special meaning for them, but they are special just the same. To make Flowers For Wedding Bouquets distinctively theirs, the brides can add special accents to their handheld blossoms, like hanging ribbons, pearl strands, brooch, small crystal chains, and pendants. This would make an ordinary arrangement a little extraordinary.

The can also opt for unique styles instead of the usual circular bouquet. They can have a handbag-style bouquet, a ball-type posy, or a long-stemmed hand-carry bunch. A cascading style bouquet creates a dramatic flair to an otherwise ordinary flower type. And if they want unique colors for wedding bouquets, they may choose deep colors, such as deep purple vibrant blue, and lively orange, over the usual pastels.

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