Send Congratulation Flowers

How To Send Congratulation Flowers

People put much time and effort to achieve their goals and aspirations. But once they do achieve them, a warm congratulatory greeting is what they deserve. Technology has made it possible to send greetings in an instant. However, you can make the greeting more special if you send congratulation flowers and add a personal note to it.

Reasons to send congratulation flowers

There are countless reasons to send congratulatory flowers. For work-related reasons, you can send congratulation flowers if a person found his first job or received his first paycheck. You can also send flowers if the person is promoted. For business-related reasons, you can send flowers on the opening of a friend’s business or company. The same can be done if a close friend won a major project for his company.

Of course, there are personal milestones wherein congratulation flowers are due. You can send a bouquet to a couple who got married or had their first child. Flowers for congratulations are also ideal for those who graduated in school. Whatever the reason may be, nothing beats the warmth of the message that a flower bouquet exudes.

Send congratulation flowers: flower types

There are congratulatory flowers which are ideal for specific messages. If a humble person got an achievement, you can send him violets which denote modesty or bluebells for humility. Meanwhile, a red carnation tells that you are not just congratulating the person but also celebrating in his behalf. Yellow hyacinths or yellow roses mean that you are extending your congratulations to a rival for promotion or a contest.

If you have special feelings for that person and you want to express it in a subtle way, you can give zinnias, heathers or daisies. If you want to go all out, you can send orchids, red roses or red chrysanthemums. Meanwhile, forsythias are the ideal flowers for congratulating a person who graduated from school especially from medicine or law.

If you are congratulating someone who won in sports, hyacinths are the ideal flowers. Also, nasturtiums are best for congratulating individuals who emerged victorious in a hard-fought competition. You can also greet a person with good luck by sending bells-of-Ireland bouquets.

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