Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers: Sympathy Message For The Loved Ones Of The Deceased

When a very close friend of ours died, some of our friends wouldn’t able to visit the wake as they are living abroad already. However, to send their condolence and show her widower and her family that they will always remember her, they sent funeral flowers to her wake. Her family very much appreciated the sentiment as the funeral parlor was filled with various flowers on easel stands that represent all the love for our friend.

As she was a very close friend, I had felt that my presence, while welcomed, was not enough. I wanted to show my love in a tangible thing. It wasn’t necessary, but it was somehow important that I did. I bought flowers in a basket meant to be laid around the casket. And while there wasn’t a specific color or type of floral blooms requested, I knew that my friend would love pink roses so I ordered an arrangement of that type. Her family was grateful for the thoughts.

Although funeral flowers are normally composed of flowers that are believed to be the preferred of the deceased, they are given with the family in mind. They are actually flowers that are sent to the funeral parlor or church to show our condolence to the family who survives the deceased. It’s her family who are meant to be comforted by the flowers, letting them know and feel that their beloved left many loving memories in this world.

What To Consider In Sending Funeral Flowers

Whether you can personally attend the wake or the funeral service of the departed or not, whether you personally know the deceased or only giving support to a surviving family member, there are a few things to consider in giving flowers. The family would appreciate it you select flowers that have special meaning to the deceased.

While flowers such as calla lilies and mums are common choices because of their simplicity and their ability to stay fresh a little longer even under direct funeral light, choosing the type and color of the flower for the funeral wreath, basket, or easel based on the preference of the deceased will be more ideal.

Respect the wishes of the family. They may not want to fill the funeral parlors with various flowers or they may wish the church or the burial site to have just one kind of flower. Also, consider their religious practice. There may be some religions that see certain colors of funeral flowers rude or inappropriate.

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