Flowers And Their Meanings

In movies or in real life, flowers are always a part of love stories. It’s because they symbolize love. In romantic occasions like dates, Valentine’s Day celebrations and wedding days, colorful blooms always play a major part. While roses and other varieties of flowers have been a long-time symbol of love, their language and meaning have evolved through the years.

Each flower has its own meaning and for some varieties, the meaning changes with its hue. Carnations, for example, generally symbolize love and fascination but the different colors of carnations also have individual meanings. Light red means admiration. Dark red is for deep love and affection. White ones express pure love. Striped ones symbolize regret for a love that cannot be shared. And pink ones are for a mother’s undying love.

Send Flowers, Order Roses

Roses are the most common kind of flower given on special occasions. If there were one type of flower that could perfectly represent love, it would be the rose. Roses have been around since prehistoric times so a lot of stories, legends, and fairy tales have roses playing a significant part in them.

Like carnations, roses also differ in meaning depending on its color. Red symbolizes love and passion. Yellow stands for friendship, freedom, and sometimes jealousy. Pink rose fits those who want to show admiration for someone. White rose denotes innocence and purity.

A bouquet of White and yellow roses represents harmony. Meanwhile, red and white roses combined symbolize bonding and harmony.

Rare And Expensive Flowers

Aside from roses and carnations, which are two of the most common varieties used or given during special occasions, there are other varieties which are usually pricey because of their rarity.

Rare orchids, which take years to bloom, are one of the most expensive varieties of flowers. For weddings, casablanca lily, which fittingly symbolizes celebration, is the most expensive flower.  Gardenias, which symbolize secret love, and hydrangeas, which represent friendship and devotion, are the second and third most expensive, respectively.

Flowers are given to express love and care. Their beauty speaks for themselves. But since each flower has a meaning, you can go the extra mile by finding one that conveys how you truly feel.

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