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Buy Roses Online – The Many Choices You Have

Roses are one of the most favored flowers, whether to have in the garden or to receive or give as a gift to loved ones. They are so popular as they come in many different varieties, colors and sizes. When you intend to buy roses online and give them to that very special person in your life, it would be good to be familiar with the many kinds available. This will make the gesture more appropriate and meaningful.

An Abundance Of Choices When You Buy Roses Online

The Damask rose is very popular because of its strong fragrance. They come in different shades, ranging from white to very bold type of pink. They are also used to make rose oil, rose water, rose tea and as a food flavoring.

The Centifolia is a rose shrub with leaves that are large and rough. Like the Damask, this variety also has a strong fragrance. It’s also referred to as the cabbage rose, with colors ranging from pastel purple to very dark pink.

The Hybrid Tea, which is a cross between the tea rose and the hybrid perpetual, has long stems and pointed buds which make it truly elegant looking. They are a favorite choice for making flower arrangements such as bouquets. They bloom in different shades, including red, pink, yellow, purple, orange and reddish-white.

The Floribunda type of rise has a strong fragrance as well. They’re also popularly used in floral arrangements, but more frequently as border plants. They come in yellow, yellow-orange, mauve, pink, red and white shades. The Grandiflora, which is a cross breed of the Hybrid Tea and the Floribunda, grows in single blooms. They boast of long stems, but don’t have the traditional strong rose fragrance.

Buy Roses Online – What They Mean

Every kind and color of rose that you give means something. When you intend to express your love for someone, the traditional red roses are a must. Yellow roses signify friendship, while pink ones imply different meanings – joy, happiness and appreciation. Lilac roses mean love at first sight, while the white variety symbolizes truth and innocence, and it’s as if you’re saying “I miss you”.

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