Table Flower Arrangements in Singapore

Table flower arrangements are observed as the most preferred decorative item in the house or office mainly by the nature lovers or who wants to have a pleasant ambiance. Hence, at the Florist Singapore studio, we are carefully and continually crating new Table Flower Arrangement designs in Singapore.

It is a well known fact that many people out there prefer fresh flowers, there are people who also love having artificial table flower arrangements mainly because of the long lasting nature of them. As far as the artificial flowers are concerned, the appearance of the flowers may not have much difference to Fresh Table flowers arrangements. However, the fragrance of fresh flowers may have to be managed with the help of flavored perfumes.

Below are some Real & artificial table flower arrangements for your reference and quick view! To buy Flowers in Singapore, contact us today!

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Chinese New Year Gifts, Hampers, Plants in Singapore

Firstly of all, we on behalf of Florist Singapore wish you an advance Happy Chinese New Year. The Chinese New Year, this year ‘the year of Monkey’ is a time to honor household and heavenly deities as well as ancestors according to the Chinese Traditions. It is also a time to bring family together for feasting. We believe you are also planning to invite your relatives and friends to your home or you are being invited by your family. Whatever the plan is, what are you offering to your family / friends during this Chinese New Year?

chinese new year hampers in singapore

No plans yet? No worries! Here is a list of ready to use Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore which are specially designed according to our customers choices. We proudly present you the Chinese New Year Hampers, Chinese New year Plants, Chinese New Year Flowers and Gifts! Browse the fill list of offers by clicking on the text of your choice.

Do not forget to pre-book your order and also send a special note along with your order to make the gifts more impressive. Message in a bottle is often chosen by most of our customers to write personal messages! You may give it a try and await for the lovely reaction.

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Wine Hamper Deliver in Singapore for Christmas & New Year

Wine Hampers in Singapore

Dear Valued customers, coming are the season of Christmas and New Year. Christmas is a very special season for many people across the globe and a great way of closing the year. Followed by the New Year in just few days, this season becomes the long holidays season with exchanges and celebrations.

Christmas Hampers in Singapore or New Year Hampers in Singapore is not just sending another gift, but a tradition. For many, choosing a gift for this season is very special and important. Putting a little extra thought and attention into the selection and presentation of your gift makes it extra special and wine gifts are no exception. By selecting just the right type, and maybe adding a few extras, your gift will be especially appreciated!

Understanding this criteria and to make your efforts simple, we’ve designed many hampers for this Christmas and New Year. All you have to do is to choose from the exclusive shopping page of Christmas Wine Hampers in Singapore. Do not forget to also check other Christmas Hampers in Singapore pages just to make sure you did not miss anything of your interest. Happy Shopping!

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Deepavali Hampers in Singapore

Diwali or Deepavali is one of the famous festivals of India shows a colorful tradition of light. It is a famous choice to decorate house with Diwali Lights on the special occasion. However, Flowers are an unavoidable choice of decoration in the Indian Tradition specially while celebrating the festivals and offering to gods. Decorating the house with Mango tree leaves and yellow / red color flowers is a popular tradition across India.

Deepavali Hampers in Singapore

There are several ways of exchanging happiness on the day of Diwali. Family members are always looking to buy their traditional items from local stores but the advent of internet has led to several online stores offering gifts, hampers and flowers at a very reasonable price. Check out our special Deepavali Hampers in Singapore page to grab your hampers!

All the hampers are ready to order and are delivered on the same day or order* (subjected to availability) or you may also pre-book your orders to be delivered on the day of Diwali. Hampers are not just made with flowers and routine gifts but with specially chosen chocolates, tonics, juices and drinks to give the hampers a personal touch. Make this Diwali in Singapore more awesome with the exclusive hampers only available at Florist in Singapore – one of the best Florist in Singapore

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Moon Cake Delivery in Singapore

Grab your bag before it goes out of stock! Yes, the Mid-autumn festival in the Singapore region is a very widely celebrated festival especially in the Chinese circles. Impressively, people from across the world living in Singapore also orders and celebrates this unique festival by sending Moon Cakes in Singapore to their friends and inviting friends on this holiday to have a lovely time enjoying the moon cakes.

At Florist Singapore, one of the oldest florists in Singapore, we know the taste of our customers as we very carefully learn every year as to what type of hampers are ordered and re-ordered. This helps us discover the interest of our customers. Hence, even this year, the 2015; we are very much ready to take the advance orders and deliver your hampers on the day of Mid Autumn. All hampers are made and delivered with care. Just for your quick view, here are a couple of hampers that are most often ordered by our customers!

moon cake in singaporeCeylon Tea, Mini Moon Cake, Pomelo & Flowers Arrangement: This hamper is a very specially crafted one with the following additions. This hamper is loved by almost everyone, so we believe you may like it as well.

Ceylon Tea, Pomelo, Moon Cake & Fresh Flowers Arrangement Delivery in Singapore :
1) “Summer Tea” is antioxidants Green tea with delightful flavor of wild strawberry. Basilur Premium Ceylon Tea x 125g from Sri Lanka.
2) “Magic Fruits” is 100% pure Ceylon black tea with natural papaya, pineapple & flavors exotic fruits. Basilur Premium Ceylon Tea x 100g from Sri Lanka.
3) 8 pcs Assorted Mini MoonCake.
4) Pomelo


moon cake hampers in singapore

Moon Cake & Nature Gifts! : This hamper is made of Single Yolk Lotus Paste Moon Cake 4 Pcs, Sparkling Grape Juice 750ml, & Mixed Fruits in a Basket.  This hamper is very special that we only take the order at least 3 days in advance due to heavy demand and inconsistent market conditions. However, this hamper’s Delivery in Singapore is made with a prior notice and sometimes on the same day subjected to availability. What more you are waiting for? Grab these mid autumn hampers before they go out of stock. Moreover, you have to pre-book these hampers so that they can be delivered on the festival day!

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Meaning Of Rose Flowers & Colors

Use these very helpful hints about the meaning associated with the colors of roses and make your choices. As everybody knows and believes, roses are the most enduring symbols for love and affection. Our comprehensive guide below about the colors and meanings of roses is your resource for rose interpretation. There is no better way to send a heartfelt message than with the classic rose. Each color rose has its own special significance, though, so it’s important to also make your choice depending on the occasion, expression and the taste of your loved one. For now, let’s observe the meaning of three color roses.

Meaning of Red Rose:


Needless to say, Red Roses are favorite flowers of many people across the world. Many different cultures and countries celebrate their special days with the Red Roses. With its special appearance and message, they are best chosen by almost everyone to say “I love you”. There should not be a second thought when you are prepared to send a bunch of Roses to your special someone because the Red Roses are such special and everyone just love them! Browse the wide range of Roses in Singapore on our portal Florist Singapore for best choices and combinations.

Meaning of White Rose:meaning of white roses

Meaning of white roses is associated with a new beginning, sympathy or peace. This is the reason which the white roses are often chosen for weddings, house warming ceremonies, get well soon messages etc., and another important meaning of white rose is “remembrance”. Yes, we observe white roses at the time of someone passing away. That’s not just to extend our sympathy but also to express remembrance. These white roses can also mean “I’m thinking about you”. So, if you are missing someone, do prefer adding white roses along with the other flowers. Here are a best collection of White Roses in Singapore – ready to order.

Meaning of Yellow Rose:
buy roses in singapore

The meaning of Yellow Roses, to be short and straight to the point is Joy, Happiness and Friendship. Yellow Roses are generally offered to friends and new beginning of the friendship. However, with their warm, sunny disposition, a bouquet of yellow roses tends to light up the room, making them a perfect way to say thanks, get well, or congratulations.

For more flower colors of roses, Browse our portal – Florist Singapore

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Ramadan Kareem to all Customers!

You have given us an opportunity to serve your family and friends. As always, we enjoyed serving you! We have learned new things to keep in mind for the next season of Ramadan Special Hampers. Its our promise, just like you witnessed this year, you shall also see a unique combination of Ramadan Hampers in 2016.

Florist in Singapore Ramadan Mubarak

Designed by Freepik

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Hari Raya Halal Hampers in Singapore

You want Halal Hampers for this Remadan Season and are searching hard online to find a best place? Now you may stop all your worries and further searching especially if you are searching for Halal Hampers in Singapore or want to send Halal Hampers to to Singapore. Florist Singapore, serving Singapore and across various countries since three decades has an exclusive range of Hari Raya Halal Hampers carefully and respectfully crafted keeping in mind the Muslim traditions.

While all of the hampers are 100% Halal, have a quick look at the Hari Raya Halal Hampers below and choose the best suitable according to your personal taste. The hampers consist with chocolates, cookies, non-alcoholic drinks, tonics, fruits etc., to make the hampers more and more special.Ramadan hampers in Singapore

Make this Ramadan More special and exciting by sending Ramadan Hampers to your friends and family in Singapore. Trust us, our team of delivery staff are well on time even for the same day free home delivery. Your hampers are handled with utmost care and concern till we deliver safely at the recipient door step. What are you still waiting for? Grab the exciting Halal Hampers before they go out of Stock.

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Send Ramadan Hampers to Singapore | Florist Singapore

Happy Ramadan to all the customers of Florist Singapore

To all our customers and the sweet children of Allah, we at the team of Florist Singapore wish you Ramadan Mubarak.  Ramadan in Singapore is a widely celebrated fest among the Muslim and even non-Muslim communities especially from Asian region. Hence, Ramadan gifts in Singapore are a special offering of the Florist Singapore – readily available for delivery.

Pre-book your order: Schedule Delivery or Same Day Delivery

You may also pre-book your order of the Ramadan Gift Hampers, Ramadan Baskets, Hari Raya Halal Hampers or Special Flower arrangements made for the Ramadan season. All you have to do is to select your hampers from the special Ramadan Hampers page. You may also choose your Add-ons to make the hamper more special.

Send Ramadan Flowers to Singapore:

Even if you are living outside Singapore, you can now send the Ramadan Flowers to Singapore, delivered on the same day to your loved ones in Singapore. Browse the full range of Ramadan Hampers and chose the best one also according to the interest of your friends and family.

Wish you all a very Happy Ramadan!

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Valentines day gift Ideas in Singapore

What have you planned for this Valentines day? not yet decided? If you did not think of it yet, just take a breath! We did it for you and have designed some exciting offers, hampers, flowers and gifts that could surely impress your loved ones and the day is remembered forever.

Let us tell you about this exciting and unique gift which is specially made targeting the women. Yes, it is the best gift for your girl friend / love interest. It’s the Butterfly in a Glass Jar we are talking about!

Almost every women loves the nature, thus the butterflies. However, you may not be able to gift her a real butterfly, but you can certainly giver her an electronic butterfly that just appears to be real and responds to her claps. The butterfly is kept in a jar and it always represent you in her room or office. Isn’t it exciting?

             valentines day gifts in singapore

Singapore Electronic Butterfly in Glass Jar & 3 Mixed Roses Standing Bouquet: Simply tap the jar in different patterns to activate the butterfly’s realistic actions :
– Looks just like a real Butterfly (only one per jar)
– Responds to taps on the jar
– 3 AAA Battery included
– Dimensions: 8 cmx 16 cm Height
– Butterfly will flutter and move for approximately 90 seconds
– Batteries have automatic standby, so no need for a on/off power button Real Glass Jar, NOT Plastic!

For more Valentines Day gift Ideas, check out here: Valentines Day Gifts in Singapore

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